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Design Folio

These images were made to explore different styles of design, mostly using covers for bootleg recordings as a brief.
All designs were non profit, and many have been shared freely. All the images have been created using Photoshop, DSLR and scanner.

The images have been produced to explore my interest in design and typography. They have also offered an opportunity to approach digital
imagery in a way that is different to the photoreal approach required by my work in visual effects. They form a digital sketchbook of ideas.

My film work and biography/CV can be seen at 'film, tv, work'.

To contact me please email me at: effects@jamielochhead.co.uk

This page features a number of my favourite designs I have made. Please click on the images to link to the full set of artworks for that design.

jamie lochhead folio
Created using stock images of a zeppelin, band logo, and the venue.
These images have been greatly changed using textures, layer blending,
plus hand drawn elements.

  jamie lochhead folio
Another artwork for a Led Zeppelin recording, using a (stock) image of a 1950's petrol pump. The pump has been shortened, the design on the top changed,
and the concert date added in the petrol meter display.
The unaltered original pump image was included on the front reverse image.


The following images have been created for the Bowiestation forum over the last two years.

Based on a family photograph of a martial arts class. Bowie's face was added from an internet image. Textures and typography were created in Photoshop.

Another black and white image, the photograph is of my hand holding a pencil. Stock footage of smoke was added. The main focus of this design was to make
a clean style of typography to match the 'Thin White Duke' image.

A very different period of Bowie's music, requiring a glossier approach to the design. DSLR images of street lights on a long exposure are combined with corrupt JPEG textures and Gill Sans text. Combined and filtered in Photoshop.
Again Gill Sans is used for the text to give a clean and British feel to the design. Here a reversed silhouette is combined with DSLR close up photographs of a TV screen to give a ghostly effect.

Based on World War II propaganda posters, this design has a much more relaxed feel to the typography, and draws on the modernist elements of period posters,
as well as the patriotic colour scheme.
Work in progress, planned for the mid 1990's period recording. Again using Gill Sans, having five letters in both his christian name and surname, combined with an easily recognizable name allows a great deal of flexibility in typography.

A back insert showing a grunge typography style used for another mid 1990's design. Layered press cuttings and photographic textures form the background.
Another back insert exploring a kitsch style, using cut and paste for the track listing on this mid 1990's cover.


jamie lochhead folio   jamie lochhead folio   jamie lochhead folio   jamie lochhead folio

The above images were created following the style Underworld's album covers for the RTSR forum. The images are wholly generated by myself, but loosely follow
Tomato/John Warwicker's typographic style. The first three use images were generated using a scanner, the fourth a DSLR.
Click the images for the full artwork.

Photographic experiments.

jamie lochhead folio   jamie lochhead folio

The above images above are made from photographs, sketches, pastels, texture scans, and are wholly created by myself. Unlike many of the images below,
these were not made to any specific brief, but simply to explore the possibilities of digital image manipulation, to achieve a more organic and illustrative feel.

Nine Inch Nails 2005 tour project.

jamie lochhead folio jamie lochhead folio

Sixty artworks were made for the project, each being done within a few hours of a recording being shared. The bottom left set of images were the first created and
came from my cat sitting on the scanner, this formed a method I used on all images taking found objects and processing them using the scanner and Photoshop.

With the exception of using the band's existing logo, these designs were wholly created by myself. The type is 'hand cut' (in Photoshop) to give a grunge feel.

Desktop backgrounds.

jamie lochhead folio   jamie lochhead folio

To go with some of the CD inserts I have made, I also created some desktop backgrounds. These images were wholly created by myself, the first uses a family photo,
the latter from a series of photographs I took in the YTV costume department. Textured and aged in photoshop, using scans of foam, canvas and old school books.
These are again from a series of images I made for shared recordings of Porcupine Tree tour. To see the fifty nine CD artworks please click here.

Exploring different styles.

jamie lochhead folio jamie lochhead folio
The above images were created to explore the decorative style of the mid 00's.
The zeppelin and portrait photograph as well as some of the textures are stock sources, but the style, colour and layout are mine.

This image was part of a website header for a band I was involved with. Live photographs were combined with textures in Photoshop. Frutiger is used for
the logo removing the dot on the 'i' for symmetry.

jamie Lochhead folio jamie lochhead folio
These two images are based around existing portrait photos. The Charles Mingus cover reflects the typographic style of jazz. The Peter Hammill is one of a series of photos of memorabilia with the portrait added.

jamie lochhead folio jamie lochhead folio
Yet more Led Zeppelin artworks. I was asked by a bootleg collector to make a set
of images based on 'blaxpliotation' movie posters for a six CD set. The right image is reworked from 'The Creation' by Michelangelo, incorporating the band.

jamie Lochhead folio jamie lochhead folio
As well as making finished designs, I also provided images for an established bootleg project that had its own designer and style. Abstract images were used, several of my images made the covers for this long established project.
jamie lochhead folio jamie lochhead folio
With such abstract titles as 'Deja Vu' and 'Experience to Extremes', a phrenology head, and dissected heart seemed to fit the concepts. Both designs use stock images.
Unlike artworks others on this page, these were not shared.

Exploring filters for Tool artworks.


Based on the geometrical imagery often associated with the band Tool these images are heavily processed using filters in Photoshop combined with layering effects.
The left image is generated a photograph of a dandelion flower and the right from torn paper. The right image uses an existing logo.

Using stock images .

Combining images from Galveston showing damage from Hurricane Carla, as was used on the original 'Permanent Waves' album cover. I have combined several images
to make one seamless image for this artwork. The source images used can be seen on the back insert on the linked page. The band's names have also been matched
into the advertising signs, again following the original cover as does the typographic style used.

Another Rush artwork, this time based on images from the nuclear tests from the 1950's. The textures and typographic style on this are my own design.
  A Pearl Jam artwork based on John F Kennedy's 'Ich bin ein Berliner' speech. Using a stock image which is instantly recognisable, blanked by the logo design.

Back inserts and typography.

jamie lochhead folio jamie lochhead folio jamie lochhead folio

Three images from CD back inserts highlighting the text layout. I studied typography at university, and much of the inspiration to make these artworks comes from the
wish to practice my typography skills.
Many of the links further up the page also showcase typography on the back inserts. Please scroll down the links if necessary.

All designs .
Many of cover designs I have made, together with desktop backgrounds can be found on my 'CD and desktop backgrounds' page.
Most are wholly my own design, though a few simply rework promotional material, it shows an exploration of design ideas.

These are not a portfolio pages, but resources for collectors of rare recordings.

'CD and desktop backgrounds' has all designs I have shared linked to it, with exception of the below covers.

A full set of designs for Orbital recordings are here.

The full set of Nine Inch Nails images mentioned above are here.

The full set of Porcupine Tree images mentioned above are here.