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tree distribution contacts

singups closed.
please e-mail those listed to organize a trade if you still wish to get a copy of this show.

if anyone has any problems with tree assignments, please contact me at

please check back as there are a few details are being added or changes made over the next couple of days.
your suppler is the name in the column to the left or above to the left, hope that makes sense.

only name, e-mail address and country of residence are listed here to maintain privacy for all concerned.
please contact your supplier, or branch by e-mail to find out full details.

country   level 1 - posted 30 april   level 2   level 3   level 4


peter stumpf
  michael heck
u.s.a. & canada
  louis a bustamante
  gil whaler
  vicki mccauley (no burner, leaf)
  arno kolster
        cristian borca
            craig padilla (no burner, leaf)
new branch   rich maggio
  mike w
  david dunham
            wesley gabbard
        dale kay
  sylvain lupari
            elizabeth san agustin

  klabbe, sweden

  henrik jeppsson , sweden


mikael runsten, sweden (no burner, leaf)
(your mail is bouncing!)

        henry tekoneimi, finland
  steven wyckaert, belgium

u.k. & ireland
  robbie quality
  dave woodward
  adrian brett
            l carden
  kelvin munson
        alan miller
  andy king
  david read
            conrad gibbons

  gary dobinson (no burner, leaf)

south america
  enzo, uruguay
  twingo, brazil
  marcelo duarte



thank you to everyone helping out with this distribution.

sergio bayarri gausi, spain, - has given me an explanation of the problems he had passing on disks,
and i am happy that he did his best regarding the tree distribution.

the following are bad traders
they have signed up for the tree and then not replied to mails , they have received disks but not sent them on. do not trade with them.

carlos oliveira, portugal,
(james) myche j. worthen